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    SubjectRe: Mechanism to safely force repair of single md stripe w/o hurting data integrity of file system
    David Lethe wrote:
    > I'm trying to figure out a mechanism to safely repair a stripe of data
    > when I know a particular disk has a unrecoverable read error at a
    > certain physical block (for 2.6 kernels)
    > <snip>
    > As such, anybody up to the challenge of writing the code? I want it
    > enough to paypal somebody $500 who can write it, and will gladly open
    > source the solution.

    Damn, here goes $500 :) Unfortunately the only thing I can bring to the table
    is a thread[1] about a mechanism that would fit your request nicely. Hopefully
    someone will pick this stuff up and make it a reality.



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