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    SubjectRe: POHMELFS high performance network filesystem. Transactions, failover, performance.

    On Wed, May 14, 2008 at 03:16:56AM +0200, Florian Wiessner ( wrote:
    > I am currently working on mysqlfs which is a fuse fs which can be used
    > in conjunction with mysql-ndb cluster.
    > You can find the details here:
    > and a howto (in german, though) here:
    > It is working quite well, but still lacks of caching which makes it slow
    > if your connection between the DB-servers have high latency/many hops.

    Did FUSE start to make a fiendship with performance? Last time I saw it,
    they hated each other...

    Caching actually useful not only on slow, but also very fast links
    because of its ability to batch data and greatly reduce latencies of
    reply-request protocols, which in turn (for that protocols) greatly
    increases performance. If you are using async processing (like POHMELFS,
    iirc it is the only such approach in networked fs, cifs/smbfs and others
    wait after request is sent and only then proceed with the next one) that
    will allow to drain the cache very quickly and proceed with the next
    data set.

    Evgeniy Polyakov

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