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    SubjectRe: [BUG] cpu hotplug vs scheduler
    Avi Kivity wrote:
    > I'm testing host cpu hotplug with kvm. Basically running 7 guests on
    > a 4 core machine, offlining and onlining host cpus at random.
    > Eventually I hit this:

    [snip oops]

    > This seems to be the assignment to cfs_rq after pick_next_entity().
    > I'm running kvm.git, which is currently 2.6.26-rc2 plus a few kvm
    > patches. It could be kvm's fault, but it doesn't appear so from the
    > traces.

    I get the same oops running with the kvm modules unloaded. None of
    kvm.git's changes are in core code, so this is definitely a mainline

    It took about 40 minutes to reproduce; 1200 cpus onlined and 1200 cpus

    error compiling committee.c: too many arguments to function

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