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SubjectRe: RFC: starting a kernel-testers group for newbies

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Hi folks,

what do you think about Gentoo's "bug-wrangler" concept ?
Maybe could do something similar:

An Tester group (which eg. should be the entry point for newbies),
is responsible for receiving bug reports from users (maybe even
distro maintainers who're not directly involved in kernel dev.).
They try to reproduce the bugs and find out as much as they can,
then file a report to the actual kernel devs (just critical bugs
are directly kicked to the devs with high priority). Maybe this
group could also keep users informed about fixes and give some
upgrade advise, etc.

This way we can build an good technical support (independent
from distributors ;-P), newbies can learn on the job and te
load on kernel devs is reduced, so they can better concentrate
on their core competences.

What do you think about this ?

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