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SubjectRe: & and maybe earlier: pata_marvell: need to disable DMA to get rid of '(ATA bus error)', 'ata7.00: status: { DRDY ERR }', 'ata7.00: error: { ICRC ABRT }'
Hi Alan,

Alan Cox wrote:
>> To get rid of the errors, I can use libata.dma=0 kernel
>> command-line parameter. Unfortunately, this sets all libata
>> devices to PIO4 mode. How can I set just this one? I tried
>> 'libata.force=7.00:pio4' but it did not help.
> libata.dma=3 will stop DMA being used for CF devices (except those that
> decide to pretend to be ATA classes). This one comes up a lot as many CF
> adapters are simply not adequate for UDMA.
>> Where are the flags documented? linux/Documentation/ directory
>> contains almost nothing about pata_marvell. :(
> The flags are all common across drivers.

Oh, please tell me where can I read more. ;-) What does the number
3 mean? How can I force certain parameters over ata7.00 device only?


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