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    SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 0/7] Clone PTS namespace wrote:
    > Devpts namespace patchset
    > In continuation of the implementation of containers in mainline, we need to
    > support multiple PTY namespaces so that the PTY index (ie the tty names) in
    > one container is independent of the PTY indices of other containers. For
    > instance this would allow each container to have a '/dev/pts/0' PTY and
    > refer to different terminals.

    Why do we "need" this? There isn't a fundamental need for this to be a
    dense numberspace (in fact, there are substantial reasons why it's a bad
    idea; the only reason the namespace is dense at the moment is because of
    the hideously bad handing of utmp in glibc.) Other than indicies, this
    seems to be a more special case of device isolation across namespaces,
    would that be a more useful problem to solve across the board?


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