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SubjectRe: [GIT pull] x86 fixes for 2.6.25
On Fri, 4 Apr 2008, Jeff Garzik wrote:
> Thomas Gleixner wrote:
> > 1) drivers/char/hpet.c
> > include/linux/hpet.h
> >
> > due to the revert of the HPET irq assignemt, which was only affects x86.
> Related to this... check out jgarzik/misc-2.6.git#irq-cleanups and
> #irq-remove for my set of patches that remove the 'irq' argument from all irq
> handlers.
> I have a couple cleanup patches for HPET that should go in prior to the big
> "remove irq argument" massive change (even if people don't want to remove the
> 'irq' argument ultimately, the cleanup is still useful)
> Who is the HPET maintainer these days, if anyone?

Dunno. It usually ends up in one of my git sinks :(


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