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Subject[PATCH 00/10] sysfs tagged directories
This is a port to 2.6.25-mm1 of Eric Biederman's patchset to implement
tagged directories in sysfs. This patchset was discussed a few months
ago on lkml@.

I re-post this patchset as most of network namespace work has been
merged in net-2.6.26 and the issue is it is currently easy to test
because of this missing piece.
(today sysfs must be disabled to test netns).

This feature is needed for network namespaces where we have to be able
to have multiple network devices with the same name in different network

On top of that, the final patch from Serge Hallyn also implements
tagging for user namespaces.

Here is the announcement Eric wrote back in December to introduce his

Now that we have network namespace support merged it is time to
revisit the sysfs support so we can remove the dependency on !SYSFS.


The bulk of the patches are the changes to allow multiple sysfs

Then comes the tagged directory sysfs support which uses information
captured at mount time to decide which object with which tag will
appear in a directory.

Then the support for renaming and deleting objects where the source
may be ambiguous because of tagging.

Then finally the network namespace support so it is clear how all
of this tied together.



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