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SubjectRe: If you want me to quit I will quit

On Sat, 2008-04-26 at 13:35 -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> > Fact is, this is the way in which developers want to work. That is their
> > workflow, and their tools should follow their workflow. If a tool's
> > behaviour prevents them from implementing their desired workflow, it isn't
> > the workflow which should be changed ;)
> But that was exactly my point. Bugs *will* happen. Follow-up patches
> *will* happen. Don't fight it. Do the best you can do - there's no way
> people will ever avoid all bugs to begin with.

Sorry if I drop in into a thread that's probably too big for me, but I
was having an idea (probably horribly wrong, but I try... don't beat too
hard). I think the main problem is when a fix to a change occurs quite
after the change went in, creating bisection problems (I've had
something like that bisecting an MMC problems some time ago).

Wouldn't be nice to have the concept of patch series in git? Maybe the
sha1 of the first commit of the patch? Then a fix on the series can be
marked as such, and you could teach git bisect to go first series by
series, applying/removing the fix patches as needed... and just at the
end dive into the commits. Maybe it's impossible/too complex/exponntial,
but well, it just a git git idea :-)


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