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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] xfs: reduce stack usage in xfs_page_state_convert()
    On Monday 28 April 2008 01:23, David Chinner wrote:
    > > This patch reduces xfs_page_state_convert() stack usage by 16 bytes
    > > by eliminating some local variables, and reducing the size
    > > of scope for other locals.
    > >
    > > Compile tested only.
    > Can you start testing your patches? if you are touching the writeback
    > or allocator path, there's a pretty high barrier to having patches
    > excepted, and testing them before is one of them. Go and download the

    Its you who asked for patches. It's not like I decided
    to nag you because I have nothing better to do. Actually,
    my plate is pretty full with other things already.

    > XFSQA suite from the xfs-cmds CVS tree on, and run your
    > patches through it....

    On Tuesday 22 April 2008 03:28, David Chinner wrote:
    > Patches are welcome - I'd be over the moon if any of the known 4k
    > stack advocates sent a stack reduction patch for XFS, but it seems
    > that actually trying to fix the problems is much harder than
    > resending a one line patch every few months....

    So I went ahead and actually spend a good chunk of the week
    trying to help you.

    I believe that my patches were sufficiently well thought-out,
    carefully implemented and reasonably tested (for a guy who
    never used xfs, have no xfs partitions, and not exactly
    planning to use xfs in the future).

    > pretty high barrier to having patches accepted

    I was honestly trying to help you. I am still willing
    to do it, but at some point you have to carry some part
    of a burden (maybe review and run testing?).

    If you are not going to accept patches, why you are
    accusing people of not sending them to you?

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