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    SubjectRe: mmu notifier #v14
    On Sat, Apr 26, 2008 at 01:59:23PM -0500, Anthony Liguori wrote:
    >> +static void kvm_unmap_spte(struct kvm *kvm, u64 *spte)
    >> +{
    >> + struct page *page = pfn_to_page((*spte & PT64_BASE_ADDR_MASK) >>
    >> PAGE_SHIFT);
    >> + get_page(page);
    > You should not assume a struct page exists for any given spte. Instead, use
    > kvm_get_pfn() and kvm_release_pfn_clean().

    Last email from muli@ibm in my inbox argues it's useless to build rmap
    on mmio regions, so the above is more efficient so put_page runs
    directly on the page without going back and forth between spte -> pfn
    -> page -> pfn -> page in a single function.

    Certainly if we start building rmap on mmio regions we'll have to
    change that.

    > Perhaps I just have a weak stomach but I am uneasy having a function that
    > takes a lock on exit. I walked through the logic and it doesn't appear to
    > be wrong but it also is pretty clear that you could defer the acquisition
    > of the lock to the caller (in this case, kvm_mmu_pte_write) by moving the
    > update_pte assignment into kvm_mmu_pte_write.

    I agree out_lock is an uncommon exit path, the problem is that the
    code was buggy, and I tried to fix it with the smallest possible
    change and that resulting in an out_lock. That section likely need a
    refactoring, all those update_pte fields should be at least returned
    by the function guess_.... but I tried to reduce the changes to make
    the issue more readable, I didn't want to rewrite certain functions
    just to take a spinlock a few instructions ahead.

    > Worst case, you pass 4 more pointer arguments here and, take the spin lock,
    > and then depending on the result of mmu_guess_page_from_pte_write, update
    > vcpu->arch.update_pte.

    Yes that was my same idea, but that's left for a later patch. Fixing
    this bug mixed with the mmu notifier patch was perhaps excessive
    already ;).

    > Why move the destruction of the vm to the MMU notifier unregister hook?
    > Does anything else ever call mmu_notifier_unregister that would implicitly
    > destroy the VM?

    mmu notifier ->release can run at anytime before the filehandle is
    closed. ->release has to zap all sptes and freeze the mmu (hence all
    vcpus) to prevent any further page fault. After ->release returns all
    pages are freed (we'll never relay on the page pin to avoid the
    rmap_remove put_page to be a relevant unpin event). So the idea is
    that I wanted to maintain the same ordering of the current code in the
    vm destroy event, I didn't want to leave a partially shutdown VM on
    the vmlist. If the ordering is entirely irrelevant and the
    kvm_arch_destroy_vm can run well before kvm_destroy_vm is called, then
    I can avoid changes to kvm_main.c but I doubt.

    I've done it in a way that archs not needing mmu notifiers like s390
    can simply add the kvm_destroy_common_vm at the top of their
    kvm_arch_destroy_vm. All others using mmu_notifiers have to invoke
    kvm_destroy_common_vm in the ->release of the mmu notifiers.

    This will ensure that everything will be ok regardless if exit_mmap is
    called before/after exit_files, and it won't make a whole lot of
    difference anymore, if the driver fd is pinned through vmas->vm_file
    released in exit_mmap or through the task filedescriptors relased in
    exit_files etc... Infact this allows to call mmu_notifier_unregister
    at anytime later after the task has already been killed, without any
    trouble (like if the mmu notifier owner isn't registering in
    current->mm but some other tasks mm).

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