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    SubjectRe: If you want me to quit I will quit
    On Sat, 26 Apr 2008 20:16:04 +0300 Adrian Bunk <> wrote:

    > On Sat, Apr 26, 2008 at 08:44:20AM -0700, Andrew Morton wrote:
    > >...
    > > git-tree owners might need, umm, some encouragement here. It's much easier
    > > for them to slap the oh-let's-fix-that-up commit at the tail of their
    > > queue, which leaves us with the straggly commit record.
    > As far as I understand Linus on these matters people David Miller
    > mustn't edit older commits in their trees once their tree got pushed
    > out.

    I expect that means "don't alter stuff after you've sent the pull request".
    That'd be fairly dumb.

    But during the two-month -rcX timeframe the patches in the git and quilt
    trees get altered, dropped, reordered regularly. Some of the git trees
    don't really exist, I believe - their owners assemble them from a
    quilt-based master tree for external sharing only.

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