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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] xfs: do not pass unused params to xfs_flush_pages
    Denys Vlasenko wrote:
    > On Tuesday 22 April 2008 05:15, Eric Sandeen wrote:

    >>> Compile-tested only.
    >> FWIW this one actually does not seem to reduce stack usage anywhere.
    > I hope this will not deteriorate into a contest whether
    > every particular patch reduces stack usage or not, but:

    Sorry if you took it that way; since the patch was in response to Dave's
    mention of accepting stack-reducing patches, I thought it was worth
    checking and highlighting whether it seemed to help. It wasn't supposed
    to be an attack or argument.

    > You do not see reduced stack usage in "make checkstack",
    > because "make checkstack" shows only stack usage caused by
    > local variables (it analyses sub %esp,NN instructions which
    > make room for them). Parameters also take up stack, but
    > they are pushed on stack with push instruction,
    > and so are invisible in "make checkstack" output.

    Hm, I had assumed that the %esp subtraction also made room for the
    arguments pushed onto the stack. Is there no way to analyze that part?


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