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SubjectRe: x86: 4kstacks default
> The code in the kernel that gets the fewest coverage at all are our 
> error paths, and some vendor might try 4k stacks, validate it works in
> all use cases - and then it will blow up in some error condition he
> didn't test.

Which you won't fix by changing the x86 defaults. More of a problem in
embedded small devices is the 8K allocation failing in the first place -
plus 4K x 80 processes == lots.

> And from a QA point of view the only way of getting 4k thoroughly tested
> by users, and well also tested in -rc kernels for catching regressions
> before they get into stable kernels, is if we get 4k stacks enabled
> unconditionally on i386.

At which point some distros will simply patch it back no doubt.

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