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Subjectuinput question
I'm trying to set up a system with multiple IR remotes acting as 
keyboards for specific X sessions.

lirc <> is a way to send infrared remote keystrokes
to applications. Some time ago I wrote a small patch to kbdd
<> that lets me inject button
pushes on an IR remote into the /dev/input/uinput system as keyboard

Now I'd like to send those keyboard events to only one X session, not
all of them.

In the kbdd code, there is the following snippet when the
/dev/input/uinput device is opened:

memset(&dev, 0, sizeof(dev));
strncpy(, "SerKBD", UINPUT_MAX_NAME_SIZE);
dev.idbus = BUS_RS232;
dev.idvendor = 0x00;
dev.idproduct = 0x00;
dev.idversion = 0x00;

So this would indicate to me that I can emulate different devices by
changing the names, IDs, and events. Then I want to select only those
events that pertain to my app...

- Create a 'virtual' eventNN device based on the data fed to kbdd
- Send various keyboard events to the kernel via the uinput device
from several physical devices
- Select only those events destined for my virtual device
- Have those events pop out of my eventNN device so I can handle them
back in userspace

How do I do that? Where can I find some information on how to handle
uinput devices?



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