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SubjectRe: 2.6.25 Kernel - Problems with capabilities
Quoting David (
> Casey Schaufler wrote:
>> Do you have a libcap that reflects the change from 32 capabilities
>> to 64? You'll be looking for or thereabouts.
> Adding libcap-2.08 and recompiling ntpd has fixed the issue, and I'm now
> running normally, thanks!

I don't understand why, though. Looking at the ntpd code (ntp-4.2.4p4)
it just does a cap_set_proc(cap_from_text("X=epi")); It should simply
be sending in the _LINUX_CAPABILITY_VERSION which shipped with libcap,
which should have been _V1, and the kernel should honor that so long as
you didn't try to send in caps > 31, which ntpd wasn't.

> Was this userspace visible change planned in advance for 2.6.25 ? ... as I
> guess a few other people with venerable old userspace components may come
> across this issue.
> Cheers
> David

It's been in the works a long time and we thought we'd done pretty
well with backward compatibility. I really don't see why you had
that failure!

Do you know which version of libcap you had before?


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