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SubjectRe: [PATCH 01/15] ARM minor irq handler cleanups
Andrew Morton wrote:
> I didn't realise you'd changed all the interrupt handlers too. Good luck
> with that :)

Hey, I did, and last time I checked (months ago, to be honest) it boots
on x86 :)

> Is it a flag day or do we have a migration plan? I'd have thought that we
> could do a request_irq_new(irqreturn_t (*)(void *d)) and keep things
> compatible?
> <checks>
> Actually, that tree applies reasonably sanely to the full -mm lineup.
> There are rejects of course, but they're easily fixed and a lot are due to
> file motion which git will handle anyway,
> The bigger problem is newly-added irq handlers which your patch doesn't
> know about:
> y:/usr/src/25> grep '^+.*request_irq[(]' patches/*.patch | wc -l
> 74
> If we had a migration plan (ie: request_irq_new(), above) then this of
> course wouldn't be a problem.

A fair comment...

My goal has been to get the tree to the point where a flag-day patch
"make the obvious change to each irq handler" /could/ be applied --
following the lead of the huge 'pt_regs arg removal' that went in in Oct

Since I knew reaching that point would take time -- I started this
project in Aug/Sep 2006 -- I simply didn't bother with a migration plan
at the time. I figured once the tree was prepped, which has taken over
a year, _then_ I would waste maintainers' time discussing migration.


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