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SubjectPeculiar mouse freeze -> psmouse.c: bad data from KBC
Hi all,

Maybe nothing, but thought I would report.

I run via power-strip/filter/spike protector

Updated to 2.6.25 (via git) yesterday:

2.6.25 #26 Fri Apr 18 07:56:55 BST 200

Module Size Used by
nouveau 154556 1
drm 136160 2 nouveau

Just now, a bit of thunder in Pompey, England. I was using firefox at
the time mouse froze. I do run latest firefox cvs, so presumed a
possible ff crash, BUT, mouse was stuck.

I could use ctrl+alt+fn keys to vt, and also alt+n in fluxbox to get
new workspace and carry on in IRC etc.. Keyboard worked fine - mouse
was AWOL though.

One message in logs.

Apr 20 15:13:40 linuxamd kernel: psmouse.c: bad data from KBC - timeout

The mouse all of a sudden worked again after 90 seconds or so...


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