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    SubjectRe: x86: 4kstacks default
    Mark Lord wrote:
    > Willy Tarreau wrote:
    >> What would really help would be to have 8k stacks with the lower page
    >> causing a fault and print a stack trace upon first access. That way,
    >> the safe setting would still report us useful information without
    >> putting users into trouble.
    > ..
    > That's the best suggestion from this thread, by far!
    > Can you produce a patch for 2.6.26 for this?
    > Or perhaps someone else here, with the right code familiarity, could?
    > Some sort of CONFIG option would likely be wanted to
    > either enable/disable this feature, of course.

    Changing the default warning threshold is easy, it's just a #define.
    Although setting it too low would spam syslogs on some setups.

    When I was trying to cram stuff into 4k in the past, I had a patch which
    added a sysctl to dynamically change the warning threshold, and
    optionally BUG() when I hit it for crash analysis. It was good for
    debugging, at least. If something along those lines is desired, I could
    resurrect it.


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