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SubjectRe: x86: 4kstacks default
Adrian Bunk wrote:
> The code in the kernel that gets the fewest coverage at all are our
> error paths, and some vendor might try 4k stacks, validate it works in
> all use cases - and then it will blow up in some error condition he
> didn't test.

That's exactly the worry.

If anyone want's to take a crack at testing some of the more likely
fail paths there, just introduce a media error onto a SATA disk
that's buried at the bottom of a stacked RAID1 over RAID0 over LVM,
with XFS and nfsd on top.

Or something like that.
And then experiment with corrupting meta data rather than simply file data.
How-to introduce a media error? hdparm --make-bad-sector nnnnnn /dev/sdX

This catches the most likely (IMHO) failure scenarios,
but still comes nowhere near 100% code coverage. :(


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