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SubjectRe: 2.6.25-rc8-mm1 (mips build failure)
On Wed, 2 Apr 2008, Andrew Morton wrote:

> i386 generates

> mips generates

For some reason the asm-offset.c for mips generates it differently and the
sed expression in kbuild is different. So it does not match.

> The only difference is the "$". This can be trivially handled in the sed
> expression which filters this .s file.

Maybe the simple solution is to drop the strange mips way of doing things
and clean up Kbuild in the process?

> Why are we diddling with that "->" thing, and why does it even exist?

I guess this is some convention to allow the Kbuild set script to extract
the value. There must be some reason that they added the strange prefix.

ccing Sam who may shed some light on this.

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