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SubjectRe: [RESEND][RFC] BFQ I/O Scheduler
Pavel Machek ha scritto:
>> In the first type of tests, to achieve a higher throughput than CFQ
>> (with the default 100 ms time slice), the maximum budget for BFQ
>> had to be set to at least 4k sectors. Using the same value for the
> Hmm, 4k sectors is ~40 seconds worst case, no? That's quite long...
Actually, in the worst case among our tests, the aggregate throughput
with 4k sectors was ~ 20 MB/s, hence the time for 4k sectors ~ 4k * 512
/ 20M = 100 ms.
About these test cases we repeated several measures of the aggregate
throughput with simultaneous file reads from 2 to 5 (and other varying
parameters). The lowest aggregate throughput for 4k sectors (~ 20 MB/s)
was achieved in case of 2, 128 MB long, files, lying on two slices at
the maximum distance from each other (more details on the experiments,
testbed and so on at
I hope I didn't misunderstand your point.

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