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SubjectRe: Microblaze Linux release
Hi Josh,

>> Hi Everybody,
>> I fixed all reported bugs which I got from LKML and from you.
>> Latest version of Microblaze Linux kernel is available at
>> There is git repository called linux-microblaze.git
>> Microblaze port is based on 2.6.24-rc5. I'll create the new repo with clean pack
>> of changes based on latest kernel version for easier pull.
>> Merge windows will be open hopefully next week and I would like to send pull
>> request to Paul.
> Why Paul? If microblaze is a new architecture (which it seems to be),
> then you should really work through Linus directly.

I don't know who start with it. For me is not this point important.
I think that was Steve's idea, wasn't it?

> Also, which version of gcc/binutils are needed to actually build this?

I personally use gcc from Petalogix distribution. For non-MMU kernel v3.4.1. for
MMU kernel I think 4.1.1. (MMU port for Microblaze FDT kernel will come later).
You can download whole distribution from

Michal Simek

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