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SubjectSuspend and hibernation patchset against -rc9

For everyone interested, there's a new suspend/hibernation patchset against
2.6.25-rc8 at:

It contains one new patch picked up from -mm,
gregkh-driver-power_state-remove-it-from-driver-core.patch , that patch 16 is
based on.

I still have not decided what to do with patches 01-03. Patch 03 will probably
be sent upstream.

A new version of patch 04 has recently been included into the x86 git tree and
before it had been tested in -mm and linux-next for quite some time.

Patches 05-11 and 13 are in the Greg's tree and have been tested in -mm and

Patch 12 is in the ACPI test tree and has been tested in -mm and linux-next.

Patches 16-18 are the 5th revision of the patchset introducing new suspend and
hibernation callbacks for drivers. They are in -mm and have just been resent to


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