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Subject[ANNOUNCE] Guilt v0.30
Guilt v0.30 is available for download (once it mirrors out on

Guilt (Git Quilt) is a series of bash scripts which add a Mercurial
queues-like functionality and interface to git.


Git repo:

As promissed, this version includes some interesting changes. The major one
being the status file now has a new format. The motivation for this was the
fact that the series file effectively duplicated functionality that git
itself offered by setting arbitrary refs (e.g., refs/patches/$branch/$patch).
Migration between the two formats should be rather painless. If you have no
applied patches, no extra work is required. If you happen to have some
patches already applied, any guilt command will tell you to run:
guilt-repair --status.

Other than the status file change, there have been a number of improvements
all over the place. A couple of bash-isms were removed, patchbomb no longer
includes "1/1" in the subject when there's only one patch, guilt-repair is
more powerful, and can be used to fix up a number of conditions (e.g.,
autotags left behind, status file format upgrade, etc.), autotagging no
longer ignores global guilt.autotag config value.

As always, patches, and other feedback is welcome.

Josef "Jeff" Sipek.

Changes since v0.29:

Adam Golebiowski (1):
Add support for DESTDIR in guilt/Makefile.

Josef 'Jeff' Sipek (35):
guilt: Use 'git update-ref' instead of echo
Patch names cannot contain whitespace
guilt: setup/teardown refs/patches/$branch/$patch on push/pop
Remove old status format
repair: remove patch refs
regression: test guilt-repair
commit: new command to permanently commit patches
regression: guilt-commit test
regression: fix up test 028 expected output
Update my email address
repair: allow status file upgrade
guilt: check status file for being old format
guilt: replace "echo && return 1" with die
repair: added --autotag repair mode
guilt: wrap `git-update-ref -d` to make ref removal cleaner
regression: simple makefile
fork: fix regression caused by status format change
guilt: try to be more portable
Replace all display related `echo` calls with a custom function
regression: simplify command logging
regression: try to be more portable
guilt: ref_rename_patch takes patch names, not ref names
regression: test for guilt-fork
regression: 011 should test guilt-commit as well
init: honor a global/system guilt.autotag config option
regression: test the new init options
autotagging: fix a tiny quirk, and document autotagging properly
import-commit: replace be careful about * and ? in filenames
graph: display patch names instead of hashes
patchbomb: do not include "1/1" in the subject if there's only 1 patch
files: use the diff-index for top-most patch
regression: test guilt-files reading the index for the top-most applied patch
regression: test guilt-files -v
regression: test that supplied test numbers are valid
Guilt v0.30

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