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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Fix kernel thread names that might offend users.

    On Wednesday 2008-04-02 02:28, Dmitri Vorobiev wrote:
    >> To settle things down a bit on the bugtrackers, this patch renames all
    >> offending kernel threads into something that goes better with
    >> GNOME-based systems.
    >> Since KDE is essentially dead[...]

    Beware of Linus's strong contrary opinion! (You might get called upon.)

    >> Also, please let me know if I forgot something.

    Since it all seems to be an April's joke, how about the KDE
    people change _their_ program names so as to

    (1) not confuse kernel people [kwin -> kdewin]
    since apparently, GNOME does it more than just right
    (who would have thought! "gnome-control-center" is a perfect name,
    "gcontrolcenter" would have been acceptable too, but "gcc" would not.)


    (2) not look like they did not know the English language.
    [kontact,kolf,kompare -> contact,golf,compare]

    Some are valid in German though [kalzium,konsole] and KDE does
    seem to have strong .de ties, so I let these go through.

    > Did you forget to send this patch yesterday in which case this would have
    > been more suitable for April 1st?

    |Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2008 22:54:08 +0200
    |From: Johannes Weiner
    |To: Linux Kernel Mailing List

    make boldconfig -- to boldly select what no one has selected before

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