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    Subject[RFC][PATCH 0/3] PM: Rework suspend and hibernation code for devices (rev. 4)

    This is the 4th revision of the patches intended to start the redesign of the suspend
    and hibernation framework for devices, addressing (hopefully) all of the recent

    Patch [1/3] is the 7th revision of the patch introducing new callbacks for
    suspend and hibernation.

    The other two patches implement the new suspend and hibernation callbacks
    for the platform and PCI bus types (3rd revision of both).

    The main differences between these patches and the previous revision:
    * Dropped DPM_INVALID and made the PM core only report errors returned by
    resume callbacks, without handling them in any other way
    * Updated the comments in pm.h accordingly
    * Added a function for printing error messages to main.c

    The platform and PCI patches are unchanged.

    More comments welcome.


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