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    SubjectRe: INFO: task mount:11202 blocked for more than 120 seconds
    On Mon, 10 Mar 2008, David Chinner wrote:
    > Oh, dm-crypt. Well, I'd definitely start looking there. XFS has a
    > history of exposing dm-crypt bugs, and these hangs appear to be I/O
    > congestion/scheduling related and not XFS.

    Yeah, I noticed that too, thanks for verifying this: during the 2nd bisect
    run, the box locked up hard when I accessed the device-mapper. I'm using a
    wrapper script to set up my luks/dm-crypt devices and still have to find
    out which command exactly triggers the lockup. So, maybe the hard lockup
    and the hangs are not so unrelated after all...oh well.

    > Also, we haven't changed
    > anything related to plug/unplug of block devices in XFS recently, so
    > that also points to some other change as well...

    Thanks for your assistance, David, I really appreciate it. I'll try to
    find out more about this dm-crypt thingy....

    BOFH excuse #396:

    Mail server hit by UniSpammer.

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