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SubjectINFO: task mount:11202 blocked for more than 120 seconds

after upgrading from to 2.6.25-rc3, I came across[0]. This
warning seems to be gone now. With 2.6.25-rc4 (and the fix from [1])
the box was running fine for 20 hours or so (doing its usual jobs plus
a "make randconfig && make" loop).

After this, I noticed that /bin/sync would not exit anymore and
remains stuck in D state. Looking around I noticed that the rsync
backup jobs (rsync'ing to an xfs partition) from earlier this
morning did not exit either and hung in D state. With sync hung, the
following messages started to appear:

[75377.756985] INFO: task sync:2697 blocked for more than 120 seconds.
[75377.757579] "echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/hung_task_timeout_secs" disables this message.
[75377.758211] sync D c013835c 0 2697 16457
[75377.758216] f59506c0 00000082 f4c34000 c013835c fffeffff f6c1bcb0 f5dd0000 f4c34000
[75377.758223] c04405d7 f53f7e98 f6c1bcb4 f6c1bcd0 00000000 f6c1bcb0 00000000 f7ca1090
[75377.758230] f4c34000 c044070a f6c1bcd0 f6c1bcd0 f5dd0000 00000001 f6c1bcb0 c044074b
[75377.758237] Call Trace:
[75377.758253] [<c013835c>] trace_hardirqs_on+0x9c/0x110
[75377.758269] [<c04405d7>] rwsem_down_failed_common+0x67/0x150
[75377.758279] [<c044070a>] rwsem_down_read_failed+0x1a/0x24
[75377.758286] [<c044074b>] call_rwsem_down_read_failed+0x7/0xc
[75377.758291] [<c012fd7c>] down_read_nested+0x4c/0x60
[75377.758295] [<c027a64b>] xfs_ilock+0x5b/0xb0
[75377.758301] [<c027a64b>] xfs_ilock+0x5b/0xb0
[75377.758306] [<c029693d>] xfs_sync_inodes+0x3dd/0x6b0
[75377.758314] [<c0440b14>] _spin_unlock+0x14/0x20
[75377.758325] [<c0296d9b>] xfs_syncsub+0x18b/0x300
[75377.758330] [<c0440b14>] _spin_unlock+0x14/0x20
[75377.758335] [<c02a7c2b>] xfs_fs_sync_super+0x2b/0xd0
[75377.758342] [<c016a124>] sync_filesystems+0xa4/0x100
[75377.758351] [<c043fdd8>] down_read+0x38/0x50
[75377.758356] [<c016a13f>] sync_filesystems+0xbf/0x100
[75377.758361] [<c01872b3>] do_sync+0x33/0x70
[75377.758366] [<c0102ed7>] restore_nocheck+0x12/0x15
[75377.758371] [<c01872fa>] sys_sync+0xa/0x10
[75377.758375] [<c0102dee>] sysenter_past_esp+0x5f/0xa5
[75377.758402] =======================
[75377.758405] 3 locks held by sync/2697:
[75377.758407] #0: (mutex){--..}, at: [<c016a091>] sync_filesystems+0x11/0x100
[75377.758414] #1: (&type->s_umount_key#22){----}, at: [<c016a124>] sync_filesystems+0xa4/0x100
[75377.758422] #2: (&(&ip->i_iolock)->mr_lock){----}, at: [<c027a64b>] xfs_ilock+0x5b/0xb0

The box is still up & running, although the load is increasing slightly.
I've gathered some details here:

I've searched the archives for this error, but the only thing was
[BUG] 2.6.25-rc1-git1 softlockup while bootup on powerpc
...however, I don't get "CPU stuck" messages
Re: system hang on latest git
...but calltrace looks a lot different.

Since both mailings are not so current, I'd like to got back to -rc3 and
try to reproduce this one.

Do you have any idea what's going on here?


BOFH excuse #158:

Defunct processes

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