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SubjectRe: ata_ram driver
James Bottomley wrote:
>> * Driver unload: Dealt the same way as hot unplugging.
> This is the problem case: driver unloading should have a
> scsi_remove_host() in its path. This is the trigger that sends out the
> flushes/stops and calls slave_destroy. scsi_remove_host() doesn't
> actually return until all the destroys are completed, so it makes module
> unloading wait until everything is properly shut down.
>> Making driver unload like explicit unplug request is possible but it
>> will mean that drives will be spun down on driver unload, which can be
>> annoying to developers.
> You have a sysfs flag to prevent that, don't you?

Yeap, sure. It's the combination of things that always made me put this
off. Is there a function I can call to just shutdown the host instead
of destroying it?



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