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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] atmel_tc clocksource/clockevent code
    On Wed, 5 Mar 2008, Remy Bohmer wrote:
    > Hello David,
    > > Could you elaborate on where that 50-100 usec gets spent?
    > Attached I have put a screendump of my ETM debugger. It shows a
    > complete flow of kernel function-calls of what happens on a timer
    > interrupt. In this example the complete sequence takes about 154 us.
    > Notice that the ETM is non-intrusive, and that the times are real and
    > accurate in this trace. (you can even see the effects of CPU-caches,
    > sometimes the same code just runs faster)

    Is there any chance to convert this to a text table? Following that
    png is pretty hard.

    > So, hires timestamps -> really really welcome.
    > hires timers -> there should be a (configurable) minimal resolution
    > that fits the hardware to not overload the CPU.

    clockevents let you set a minimum delta already. This can be set at
    runtime before registering the device.



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