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SubjectRe: Linux doesn't follow x86/x86-64 ABI wrt direction flag
Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> Hi all,
> Since version 4.3, gcc changed its behaviour concerning the x86/x86-64
> ABI and the direction flag, that is it now assumes that the direction
> flag is cleared at the entry of a function and it doesn't clear once
> more if needed.
> This causes some problems with the Linux kernel which does not clear
> the direction flag when entering a signal handler. The small code below
> (for x86-64) demonstrates that.
> If the signal handler is using code that need the direction flag cleared
> (for example bzero() or memset()), the code is incorrectly executed.
> I guess this has to be fixed on the kernel side, but also gcc-4.3 could
> revert back to the old behaviour, that is clearing the direction flag
> when entering a routine that touches it until most people are running a
> fixed kernel.

Linux should definitely follow the ABI. This is a bug, and a pretty
serious such.


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