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SubjectRe: WM97xx touchscreen drivers

2008/3/4, Mark Brown <>:
> This patch series adds support for the touchscreen controllers found in
> WM97xx devices. This revision of the series adds support for
> configuration of the interrupt source used for pen down detection in
> accelerated touch drivers.
> These changes are also available in the git repository at:
> git:// upstream
> Mark Brown (6):
> Core driver for WM97xx touchscreens
> Add chip driver for WM9705 touchscreen
> Add chip driver for WM9712 touchscreen
> Add chip driver for WM9713 touchscreen
> Driver for WM97xx touchscreens in streaming mode on Mainstone
> Build system and MAINTAINERS entry for WM97xx touchscreen drivers

The 6th patch seems to be lost somehow. And I don't see it in the
recent -mm tree.

With best wishes

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