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SubjectRe: RFC: Writing Solaris Device Drivers in Java

On Mon, 2008-03-31 at 10:14 +0800, Peter Teoh wrote:
> Interesting read:
> Personal comments:
> Since KVM and Xen/OpenVZ etc other virtual machines are beginning to pop
> up - I don't see why it inhibits (in spite of the many initial
> difficulties as mentioned in the paper) the growth of using Java for
> device drivers development. Contrast it against udev - esp in terms of
> usability/supportability/extensibility etc. udev is a Linux thing,
> whereas Java is at industry level. If everyone write applications
> device drivers using Java (minus the extreme hardware arch specific
> stuff, but supports all the low level protocol specific stuff like
> TCP/IP, NFS, USB etc) then I think it has potential to compete against C
> lang - the monopolizer till today in the kernel world
> (Windows/MacOS/Linux/BSD etc). Ie, imagine using a drivers written for
> the Solaris in Linux, won't it be cool?

You're off by one day for an April fool...


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