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SubjectRe: RFC: Writing Solaris Device Drivers in Java
On Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 6:52 PM, Peter Teoh <> wrote:

> Just would like to comment further: analogous to the trend that with
> the huge increase in storage space availability, size of storage
> required is of minimal concerns, in comparison with other more serious
> bottlenecks, the future CPU may have so much spare execution cycles,
> that emulation (like what Java or AMD Pacifica or Intel VMX is doing)
> is a much needed feature instead, as it provide other feature like
> security assurance etc, without affecting interactivity on the users,
> or perhaps being overshadowed by other bottleneck (like network I/O,
> or harddisk I/O etc).

Sure, let's all develop power-hungry applications cause the technology
and infrastructure can support it. And to hell with increasing energy
prices, energy crisis and global warming. Only thing that matters to
me is figuring out how to set the CLASSPATH properly! The world, may
it crumble for all I care!

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