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SubjectRe: [alsa-devel] [regression] 2.6.25-rc4 snd-es18xx broken on Alpha
Rene Herman wrote:
> On 25-03-08 02:22, Michael Cree wrote:
>>> should do it. Here's a file Bob passed me as a problematic one.
>>> 8-bit, 11025, mono:
>> Right, got that. On the PWS600au it shows the same problems that Bob
>> describes! When I play it with aplay (through the es1887) I get the
>> last "pal" repeated at the end. When I play it with sox (also through
>> the es1887) I get the words "current event" repeated at the end.
> Lovely, so different problem between you and Bob. When you (either of
> you) have some time for it again, could you try:
> $ sox asskickd.wav -w -t alsa hw

Exactly the same as without the -w option. (BTW, I would've never have
guessed the -w option; my man file has -2 for conversion to 16 bit.)

> $ sox asskickd.wav -w -r 44100 -t alsa hw

The words "current event" are no longer repeated at the end of playing.
There is a click at the end of playing - hard to know whether it
started to repeat something or whether it is truly at the end of the
sound file.

> $ sox asskickd.wav -w -r 44100 -c 2 -t alsa hw

Repeats the "al" bit of the last word "pal" at the end of playing.

>> I suspect you are right - the symptoms I have observed (complete
>> system crashes) are separate from what Bob observes. One question I
>> have is what is different about Bob's set up that enables the sound to
>> work with mmap?
> Not a clue. Takashi -- is it possible that Bob wasn't using mmap to
> being with if he didn't do anything specific to not do so?
> And perhaps you guys have firmware settable options that touch that area
> of coherent DMA? Maybe even a specific chipset bug on his machine? No
> idea how different/similar your machines are...

I have another PWS600au - a little older than the one I was testing on.
It is slightly different in that its scsi controller is a separate
board in a PCI slot, rather than on the motherboard. Also has an
ESS1888 rather than an ESS1887. Just installed the same OS and kernel
on it.

Tried playing sound. What a mess. Crashes with mmap on. Installed the
patch turning off mmap. Just produces buzzes and fart noises whatever
sound file I try to play; both with aplay and sox.


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