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    SubjectRe: usb detecting only high speed devices only - not detecting low speed devices
    On Monday 03 March 2008, mahendra varman wrote:
    > >
    > > Now as to *why* that happens, I don't know. We've certainly had folk
    > > using Philips/NXP EHCI controllers successfully before. Maybe this
    > > board has a hardware problem, like a bad chip or not having wired
    > > up the power lines that OHCI controller uses.
    > still the low speed devices are giving unlink after no IRQ..

    Not at all surprising if you haven't changed anything.

    You *did* verify this happens on all the ports of that chip?

    > My
    > hardware engineer says he followed the reference schematics of ISP1562
    > of philips. He says that ohci side, the power lines are wired up
    > My Ehci devices can be mounted and the files are read
    > Today I faced another issue
    > For some usb ehci devices its giving "device descriptor read/64, error
    > -71" ( for some usb stick of usb2.0)
    > but for others i can able to mount without this error.....
    > Sir, Any clue regarding the above problem iam facing currently ??

    I gave you all the clues I've got. You're the one with the
    uniquely mis-behaving hardware...

    Time for you to work harder at debugging your problem. You
    have the hardware, the software source code, a cooperative
    hardware engineer ... that's a lot more than most folk have
    when they start to chase down problems like this.

    - Dave

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