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    SubjectRe: Books on writing linux device drivers
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    > On 2008-03-03 13:00:26 (-0500), Neal Becker <> wrote:
    >> I am about to start on writing a linux device driver. What books are
    >> recommended? There are some books that are a few years old now, that
    >> deal
    >> with 2.4 kernel. What would be useful for a relatively recent kernel?
    > Recent revisions of "Linux Device Drivers". You may wish to address such
    > questions to Google in the future.

    I think he is also looking for ones that are good, not just what is

    Greg Kroah-Hartman had a book written on Kernel Device Drivers. get the
    latest edition of that.

    More info on his web page on writing device drivers, with examples.

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