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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/5] firewire: fix crash in automatic module unloading
Kristian Høgsberg wrote:
> I would want to use a kref and a completion for tracking this though
> instead of the atomic. Just use kref_get() instead of incrementing
> the atomic and use kref_put() instead of decrementing it. The release
> function for kref_put() should complete the completion struct and
> instead of the busy loop in fw_core_remove_card() we just wait for the
> completion.

Sounds like the way to go. Since I already passed that patch upwards, I
will do an incremental rework. (But perhaps not before spending some
time on ticket number 9617 at's...)

> And I'm not sure I agree that it's a device_count, it
> really just is a ref-count. The core should also hold a reference to
> the card and release it in fw_core_remove_card(), just before waiting
> on the completion.

Right; we just shouldn't mix fw-ohci's refcounting (which isn't really
needed since the lifetime rules for the card are as simple as they can
get for fw-ohci) and fw-core's refcounting.
Stefan Richter
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