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SubjectRe: [RFC] Prefixing cgroup generic control filenames with "cgroup."
Xpl++ wrote:
> Paul Menage ??????:
>> ...
>> A compromise might be to keep "tasks" unprefixed, and say that future
>> names get the "cgroup." prefix; in this case I'd be inclined to add
>> the prefix to notify_on_release and release_agent on the grounds that
>> there's much less chance of breaking anyone with those files since (I
>> suspect) they're much less used.
> This makes most sense to me. It won't break any existing software
> (most likely) while it seems reasonable to leave 'tasks' unprefixed as
> this is something that any software using any subsystem of cgroup
> would be using anyway and it is not that much associated with a
> particulat subsystem.

And it makes most sense to me too, though I still doubt name collision
will be a problem.

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