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SubjectRe: [PATCH] SUNRPC: have soft RPC tasks return -ETIMEDOUT instead of -EIO on major connect timeout

On Sat, 2008-03-29 at 15:24 -0400, Jeff Layton wrote:
> On Sat, 29 Mar 2008 12:44:11 -0400
> Trond Myklebust <> wrote:
> > Userland has the clnt_geterr() function that returns more detailed 'RPC
> > level' errors. While that 'error function call' approach doesn't work in
> > a multi-threaded environment, we might still be able to add the
> > equivalent of a pointer to an 'rpc_err' structure to the rpc_task, and
> > then have functions like call_timeout() (and especially call_verify()!)
> > fill in more detailed error info if that pointer is non-zero?
> >
> I'm not sure we really need this, do we?
> Should it really be the business of the RPC layer to sanitize the
> tk_status like this? It seems like the NFS layer ought to be
> translating "illegal" errors from the RPC layer into more generic ones
> where needed rather than relying on the RPC layer to do it, though
> maybe I'm not thinking about the RPC layer in the right way here...

Yes and no. The RPC error reports are sometimes more complex than what
we can fit into a single 32-bit error code. I'm thinking in particular
of the RPC_AUTH_* errors (EACCESS just doesn't do them justice), and

In the case of RPC_PROG_MISMATCH, it would, for instance, be really
useful for the in-kernel mount code to be able to also retrieve the
'mismatch_info' structure (see RFC1831), which tells you exactly which
program versions are actually supported on that port.

An extra optional pointer to a structure in the rpc_task won't cost us
much, but could possibly provide a lot of interesting information that
we are currently ignoring.


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