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SubjectRe: SDIO: IO-Ready Bit
On Mon, 24 Mar 2008 16:41:25 +0200
"Tomas Winkler" <> wrote:

> Anyhow I've seen that concept of parallel probe is not so new. It was
> in 2.6.18 and removed in 2.619.
> Probably different approach, maybe more would be adding a parallel
> initial function.
> Probe will just register to the bus and relevant subsystem, it will be fast.
> Optional Initialization function will run after probe in different
> thread, this would be the place for running FW download.
> Device won't be considered initialized till this function haven't
> completed or is not implemented.

I would suspect that would just slow things down in most cases. Most
busses have shared bandwidth, so letting each device take turns is
usually faster than a thundering herd.

Feel free to make your case to the device core maintainers though.

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