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Subject[PATCH 0 of 4] [RFC] hotplug memory: minor updates
Hi all,

Here's a small set of patches for memory hotplug which I needed to get
the Xen balloon driver working.

1. add add_memory_resource(), which allow a caller to provide the
resource structure for memory being added,
2. add warnings when you try to add non-section-aligned and sized memory
since it has undesireable results when you do so, and
3. decrease the i386 PAE section size to 2^29 (=512MB), since 1G is a
bit too large for virtual memory ballooning
(4. don't steal all memory in paravirt_disable_iospace)

Still unresolved is how to prevent the user from onlining balloon
memory via sysfs, since that will almost certainly cause the kernel to


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