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SubjectRe: [i2c] Regression (gdm no longer shuts down) - 2.4.24.x and 2.6.25
On Wed, 26 Mar 2008, Jean Delvare wrote:
> Totally unrelated, but FYI: the chip at 0x50 is an EDID EEPROM in your
> display (which the radeonfb driver can use to switch to the correct
> resolution / refresh rate.)
> any of these chips. So, the mysterious effect of unloading the
> i2c-viapro driver can't be explained by an i2c chip driver detaching
> from its device. So, again, I really can't see how i2c can be involved
> in your problem.

Maybe the radeonfb driver is trying to talk to EDID EEPROMs on all I2C
adapters it finds? When it tries to using the i2c-viapro adapter, it

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