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Subject[PATCH 0/20] dma_ops for i386

Here there is a series of 20 patches that lays the foundations for
using dma_ops in i386 in the very same way x86_64, as well as many other
architectures already do.

The functions themselves for i386 are placed in a pci-base_32.c, but just
a few among them are actually implemented. Most were no-ops anyway.

Also, as I said, this is by no means a complete coverage of dma_ops.
there are still some call sites to be patches in pci-dma_32.c (although I don't
really plan to change them, but to integrate them in a single pci-dma.c).
I intend to have it done progressively.

The granularity is per-operation, meaning each patch moves one specific function
to the common header. This is compiled-tested in both i386 and x86_64 in
~5 randconfigs each, and boot-tested in my hardware with my default configs

The motivation for that is the ongoing work for pci-passthrough in KVM.
So ingo, avi, what do you think it's the best way to handle these patches through?


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