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SubjectRe: Spammed logs again rt2500pci 2.6.25-rc6-00268-gd2532dd
El Tue, 25 Mar 2008 14:46:28 +0100
Ivo van Doorn <> escribió:

> I just checked the forums and apparently you mean that 8 replies to your topic including the
> answer about "it has been fixed" in 2.1.0 counts as 'ignored'...
> For reference:

Yes that got attention; many thanks to the ones (including you) that answered.

> and yes the following topic was unanswered
> but that topic is a duplicate of your fist topic, and I am not responding to forum spammers...

Different kernel version the problem persisted and i thought i let people know
that there was still an issue. If that makes me a "forum spammer" then i am
Anyway it seems that I am only wasting your time so I stop here.

Thanks for your time and work.

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