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    SubjectRe: What to do about the 2TB limit on HDIO_GETGEO ?
    On Tue, Mar 25, 2008 at 10:31 AM, Ric Wheeler <> wrote:
    > > Yeah. Except Dell will undoubtedly have them in desktops
    > > within 2 years, and tons of people (myself included) still use
    > > 32-bit (K)Ubuntu on our systems, simply for the better binary
    > > compatibility that it is perceived to give with things like
    > > browser plugins and stuff.
    > I think that there are many embedded applications (lots of them linux based)
    > which have large amounts of storage behind low power, low cost 32 bit CPU's.
    > Think of the home/small office NAS boxes that you can get from bestbuy or other
    > big box stores. Those devices today have 4 S-ATA drives (each of which can be
    > 1TB in size).

    I can attest to this. I hear from a reliable source (manufacturer)
    that 2TB 3.5" disks will be out no later than first half of 2009
    (possibly even sooner, or at least 1.5TB). I currently use 1TB disks
    with a Geode LX based motherboard for SATA RAID and I plan on
    upgrading/consolidating to larger sizes once they become available in
    the market. 64-bit is not an option for me on this hardware.


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