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SubjectRe: UTF-8 and Alt key in the console

--- Jan Engelhardt <> wrote:

> On Sunday 2008-03-23 16:15, John T. wrote:
> >
> > It is understood that although the Meta-key sequences
> > work in an xterm with vim on UTF-8, they don't on the
> > linux console.
> They also seem work on the console; I can use Alt-L in
> mcedit to jump to a line.

That's because you are working in "meta sends ESC" mode.
Although this is OK for most applications, for some it isn't.
Thus there have always been two modes, "meta sends ESC"
and "meta sets 8th bit". (toggled with setmetamode on the

Vim relies on "meta sets 8th bit". Unfortunatelly the code
for this options does not work in UTF-8 in the console. What
I'd like to do is make this a viable option in UTF-8.

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