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    SubjectRe: [patch 11/21] (NEW) more aggressively use lumpy reclaim

    I think this patch is very good improvement.
    but it is not related to split lru.

    Why don't you separate this patch?
    IMHO treat as independent patch is better.


    > During an AIM7 run on a 16GB system, fork started failing around
    > 32000 threads, despite the system having plenty of free swap and
    > 15GB of pageable memory.
    > If normal pageout does not result in contiguous free pages for
    > kernel stacks, fall back to lumpy reclaim instead of failing fork
    > or doing excessive pageout IO.
    > I do not know whether this change is needed due to the extreme
    > stress test or because the inactive list is a smaller fraction
    > of system memory on huge systems.

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