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SubjectRe: suspend slow in 2.6.25-rc6 (was Re: Suspend and hibernation patchset against -rc6)

> > It will take a while. My .git directory is 7G, and I'd like to do a
> > backup before playing with git.
> Ouch, what have you done? It should be about 200MB, not 7GB.

Nothing, just used git.

> > git gc does not exist here, so I guess I need to update git, too :-(.
> Well, even with old git you can just do
> git repack -a -d
> and in your case you'll probably have to leave it running overnight,
> because it's going to take hours since you've clearly not ever repacked it
> before and as a result it's going to do lots and lots of IO (all that 7GB
> and then read much of it twice).

I actually _did_ repack before, and this repack was reasonably quick.

> > commit 7c0ea45be4f114d85ee35caeead8e1660699c46f
> >
> > ACPI: Ignore _BQC object when registering backlight device
> >
> > when did this go in? Pretty recently, right?
> Yes:
> [torvalds@woody linux]$ git describe 7c0ea45be4f114d85ee35caeead8e1660699c46f
> v2.6.25-rc5-89-g7c0ea45
> so it happened after -rc5.

Ok, so I confirmed that kernel-breaks-backlight-in-X-after-lid-reopen
is indeed regression between -rc5 and -rc6. Reverting drivers/acpi in
-rc6 fixes this regression.
(cesky, pictures)

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